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How to Wear an Infinity Scarf?

by Jianjun Ren January 08, 2021 5 min read

When winter comes, scarves become a crucial part of wearing. The infinity scarf may be a very fashionable item which makes your wear more rich and interesting. Wearing a infinity scarf is different from wearing a normal scarf.

The infinity scarf can assist you to match tons of designs and make your original simple clothes more fashionable. Unlike traditional winter scarves, it wraps around the neck neatly. The infinity scarf is available in many various styles and sizes. It ranges from small to large, light to thin, and thick. You'll be able to mix and match as you wish.

Although this accessory looks complicated, our article will assist you to narrow down your choices and supply a spread of ways of wearing. Please choose a way you wish to wear, in order that you'll buy an infinity scarf you like.

Simple style

If this is often your first time wearing an infinity scarf, try something simple first. Remember, there's really no wrong thanks to wearing it. It doesn't need any complicated steps, just hangs over your shoulders as a normal scarf.

Looping isn't for everybody and for a few it's just an excessive amount of work. There are a couple of no-fuss classic looks that need only a touch reshaping and you're able to go. These foolproof options work with any scarf length:

The conventional way

The easiest thanks to doing that are to wrap the scarf around your neck and let it hang down, a glance referred to as the only loop.

Shawl effect

Depending on the length and width of your scarf, pulling it down over the shoulders can create a shawl look. This is the similar way to wear a blanket scarf.

Layered Loop Scarf

While you do not need to do much to form your infinity scarf stand out, this unique accessory can be shaped into numerous looks. Be adventurous and begin looping it.

Twice around

If you've got never worn an infinity scarf before, then the simplest way is to wrap two simple circles around your neck, plus a touch fluffy shape. This style also referred to as a double loop, will create a classy, casual look during a short time. The form of the two rings is often different.

For instance, the one near the neck is often a brief ring, and therefore the other may be a long ring. The long ring must pull the scarf slightly longer by hand. The form of the two rings are going to be rearranged to become Fluffy and delightful, it is easy to finish.

Three times around

On a cold winter day, if you're wearing an infinity scarf to stay you warm, you'll wrap it around your neck three times if the scarf is long enough to keep your neck warm. This method provides a great-looking in addition to keep warm on even the coldest days.

Tie the Knot

Tying knots alongside your infinity scarf can add flair and interest to your look. Knots may look complicated, but it just takes slightly practice and a couple of experimentation to master this method.

Infinity Knot

The infinity knot is a fun look that adds a further ounce of personality to any ensemble. If you'll do the double loop, you are able to tie the knot.

To form this look, start with one short loop and one longer one. Next, tie the longer loop into a knot. Leave a touch loop at the lowest and you're done.


Take your outfit from simple to sassy by tying your infinity scarf into a bowknot. The bow creates a cute, more ornate look and draws the eye to the neck. You'd better use a medium or long length infinity scarf.

Pull all of the fabric forward and down. Then start to gather the fabric to a minimum of one side of your neck and loop it like you'd your shoelaces. Fluff the headscarf was needed to feature dimension and shape the proper bow.

Creative style

Use a more creative style to make your infinity scarf stand out from the group.

Belted Scarf

Place an extended scarf around your neck and simply add a belt at the waist to make a singular fashion look.


Try creating an infinity scarf twist for a very unique look. This fashion look starts by looping the headscarf around the waist first then creating a figure eight by looping it around the neck.

The pliability of this accessory is never-ending. You'll also wear your infinity scarf as a halter top!

Infinity Scarf as Vest

Wearing the infinity scarf as a vest is simple, but you will need a relatively larger loop of fabric to work with. You will put your arms through the circle of the headscarf as if you were wearing a jacket. Once you've done the wrapping, a belt can add a flawless finish to the planning.

Cover head type

Another dramatic look is often created by draping the headscarf around the neck then pulling a variety of the fabric over your head.

Tips for Wearing Infinity Scarf:

Choose Your Style:

We all know that fabric and color are the two most essential things while choosing an infinity scarf. Keep in mind that your scarf will be your presentation. Always choose the color, texture, and style that enhances your look.

Consider the season:

How to wrap a scarf also depends on the season going. Always adjust your scarf from summer to winter by choosing several textures and colors. Select thick fabric in the winter season and lighter like cotton and silk in the summer season.

Question and answer:

1. Are infinity scarves still in style 2021?

Infinity scarves can never go out of style. But the particular form of scarves can be in and out of fashion. Creating fashionable styles of infinity scarves will always make you stylish and classy.

2. Why is it said to be to an infinity scarf?

It is called an infinity scarf because it has a big continuous loop. It quickly gets into the neck, just like a ring. It’s quite versatile that makes styling easy.

3. Is there any difference between a snood and an infinity scarf?

Yes, there is a bit difference between a snood and an infinity scarf. A snood is a tubular scarf similar to a large cowl. An infinity scarf is a looped scarf that gets settled around the neck. A snood is identical to an infinity scarf but not an infinity scarf.

4. Do you twist an infinity scarf?

You do not need to twist or wrap it around, simply let it sit on your shoulders as a regular scarf should.

5. How do you wear an oversized infinity scarf?

To wear an oversized infinity scarf, you can create one style which is complicated and leave less space itself. As we mentioned above, you can see three creative styles for your reference.

6. What is the best size for infinity scarf length and width?

Generally speaking, the best size is 60 inches in length, with width 55 inches.

Updated on 7th Jan., 2022