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How Long Should a Scarf be?

by Jianjun Ren December 28, 2022 3 min read

Scarves don't have to be a particular length or width to be successful. Usually, we knit scarves for different people with different sizes.

However, some people just like the long scarf, and think it's more practical and straightforward to match. Some people just like the short scarf, think the short scarf is more fashionable. In most cases, the long scarf is about 82" in length, the short scarf is about 55" in length. There is also one medium size scarf which is about 70" in length. They are all 11.8" in width.

How long should a scarf be for men?

When knitting a scarf, you need to consider the dimensions of the scarf. However, the dimensions of every brand of scarf may vary, even the quality may vary according to the hemming method. If you appear as a chic and mature man, an extended scarf is a perfect choice for you.

Normally we knit three sizes scarves for men, the short scarves are 55" in length, that is 139.7cm, the medium is about 71" in length, that is 180 cm, and the long scarves are about 82", that is 208.28cm in length. All of them are 11.81" in width. They are suitable for women and men.

Men with normal height usually need a scarf with a length of 71 inch. Here we recommended our mens plaid scarves. For tall guys, you can choose one 82 inch scarf.

How long should a scarf be for women?

In most cases, women and men wear similar size scarves.

In our experience, a 71 inch scarf is enough for a lady to wear. If 71 inch is just too long for you, then 55 inch is the best choice.

Scarves are available in a spread of designs and maybe tied during a sort of way, and you'll mix and match as you wish.

The scarf doesn't need to be a selected length or width to achieve success. Most scarves are 55 inch in length and are an honest choice.

How wide should a scarf be?

No matter it is for women or for men, a scarf will be better in 11.8" in width, that means it is about 30 cm. If you plan to buy one shawl for your friend, the width will be better in  39" while the length is 79".

How long does it take to knit a scarf?

It depends how many hours you spend one day. If you spend 5 hours a day, it will spend one week to knit one scarf.

In another situation, if you plan to knit one scarf with a special style or other picture on it, it will take about one month. Of course, there are many reasons to decide how long you spend, such as your skill level, material, needle size.

How long should a scarf be for children?

Scarves for children are in fashion now. You may think your child is just too young to wear it, but he or she also must stay warm within the winter and stand out from the gang.

For children's scarves, we differ them consistent with your child's age. If your child is under 5, wear a scarf that's 55 inch long and seven inches wide. If he or she is between 5 and 10 years old, wear a scarf that's 55 inch long and 10 inch wide.

A longer scarf is often tied from the front to the rear than to the front. It's warm. The short one is additionally nice to surround as an ornament.

It is vital to make sure the scarf is above the child's knees, or are often tucked into a coat, and take care to not tie the scarf too long to stop them from tripping over it.

Scarves sizes chart for your choice






55"=139.7cm 70.8"=180cm 82"=208.28cm


55"=139.7cm 70.8"=180cm 82"=208.28cm

Children under 5 years old

55"=139.7cm, with 7.87" width

Children 5-10 years old

55"=139.7cm, with 9.84" width


This table is reference scarf sizes for men, women and children.  

updated on 24th, Dec 2021