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How to Tie a Scarf? -11 Different Ways for You

by Jianjun Ren May 22, 2020 4 min read 1 Comment

There are many ways to tie a scarf. No matter you are a man or woman, different people may tie a scarf in a different way.

Tying a scarf in a special way can made you noticed in the public, especially when you meet someone at the first time. Scarves come in different styles can be matched with clothes to create a variety of styles. Here are eleven ways to tie a scarf. Come and learn!

Lop It

This scarf is used more as a decoration than to keep you warm, and it does not actually require any tying.

Simply flatten the scarf out along the neck and drape it down across the chest, tucking it behind any jacket you might have on. Mens plaid scarves are workable in this way. Some people also wear infinity scarves in this easy way.

tie scarf guide

Bring It Around Once

One of the most commonly worn scarf styles is simply wrapping the scarf around your neck to make one of the ends sits longer than the opposite end.

Then, tie the long end of the scarf around the neck and adjust it so they are approximate of equal length. Normally, women wear winter scarf in this way.

steps to tie scarf

Overhead Cross

For those wondering how to tie a rectangular scarf, you'll love the simplicity of this method. Place the scarf around the neck in such a way that one end is longer than the other.

Then, put the long portion of the scarf through the shorter end and finally underneath the tie by the opening of the neck.

Once you have tied it, tighten both ends until you are happy with the tightness and the length. Mostly, women wear lightweighted scarf in this way.

tie scarf method

Reverse the scarf

This is a good way to wear a scarf in cold weather. Again, you do not get to tie the scarf, but it can protect your neck well.

Put the scarf around your neck, ensuring that both ends are of equal length. Take one end of the scarf, pass it through your neck, pass the shoulder on the opposite side, then tie the opposite side within the same way.

No tie is required. If necessary, adjust the scarf around your neck, and that is it.

way to tie scarf

Parisian Scarf Knot

Not only is this one of the best knots for keeping you warm, but it's also one of the prettiest and trendiest.

Fold the scarf in a way that is half of its original width, and then fold it again half of the length of the scarf. Place the scarf around the neck and then through the opening by the folded end.

Finally, put the bifurcated piece through it. Tighten it up around the neck and you're good to go.

the style of scarf

Unilateral knot

This is a rather harder method of wearing a shawl, but if you learn this method, it'll look very fashionable.

Your friends will ask you ways to tie a scarf once they see it. This method is often used with any clothing, whether it's an off-the-cuff jacket or formal coat.

Put the scarf around your neck in order that one end is longer than the opposite. Take the long tail of the scarf, wrap it around from behind to make a circle, then move the top down through the circle.

Grab the opposite end of the scarf, pull it down, and undergo the loop of the scarf, which may even be wont to tie the knot. Pull the knot upwards and gently pull the ends of the scarf to the neck.

tips of tie scarf

Reverse Fold Tuck

This is one of the least common knots, but if you're wondering how to tie a long scarf, this is going to provide one of the best solutions.

Simply wrap the long end of the scarf all of the way around the neck, and then bring it down into the ring that has been formed.

Take the opposite end of the scarf and bring it through the circle. Adjust it to your liking.

manner of tie scarf

Twisted cross knot

Very almost like reverse folds. When you tie a longer scarf, the scarf knot is very good.

Put the scarf around your neck in order that one end is longer than the opposite. Devour the long end of the scarf and wrap it around your neck.

Now pass the long end of the scarf through the opposite end, then lift it up through the opening of the knot you only formed.

If necessary, tighten the ends of the scarf, and that is it.

tie scarf mode

Spin knot

This is another great option for tying an extended scarf and will provide great protection against the cold.

First, like the Parisian knot, fold the scarf in half both by width and length and then wrap it around the neck.

Pass one of the sagging ends of the scarf through the loop by the folded portion. Twist-up the loop, tie up the opposite end, and then form a knot in the loop. Adjust as needed.

tie scarf approach

The Basic Loop

This knotted scarf is the most suitable option in the weather, but it's easier to tie. Again, if you employ an extended scarf, the effect is going to be better.

Put the scarf around your neck in order that one end is far longer than the opposite.

Wrap the long end of the scarf around your neck, then repeat it again, and wrap it around your neck a second time. This is often another knot without a shawl.

If necessary, adjust the scarf in order that it completely covers your neck, so you're ready for the winter weather.

tie scarf path

Classic winding knot

This method is very simple and can be easily mastered by those who don't wear a scarf very often. First, wrap the scarf around your neck, then wrap the long side around your neck, then tie the ends in front and let the rest hang down.

tie scarf direction


No matter how you want to accessorize with a scarf and keep warm this winter, you can find the most stylish ways to do it in the options listed above.

Sometimes, when you choose which way to tie a scarf, the length of the scarf is also needed to think about, different lenght scarves may work with different styles.

Lastly and warmly remind, if you have an infinity scarf, you need follow our ways on how to wear an infinity scarf, they are totally different, even though some tips are similar to each other.

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November 06, 2020

This is so, so helpful, thanks guys! I have around five scarves but I always wear them the same way, I definitely need to up my game (and maybe even get more scarves). I see these fashion influencers being extra about their scarves and whenever I try to replicate the look I look like I have no neck haha. But I will continue to learn how to get better at this and I hope that I will eventually do a good job. Wish me luck!

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