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How to Wear a blanket Scarf?

October 23, 2020 3 min read

Blanket scarves are one of the top accessory trends in the winter season, so learning how to tie a blanket scarf can be a basic ability for you. Here are some tips on how to wear a blanket scarf in any style.

As the temperature dropping in winter, maybe you are looking to find one warmer accessory for yourself. 

  1. Wear it like a shawl
  2. Belted under a coat
  3. Wear like a cardigan
  4. Wrapped and draped
  5. Wear over your shoulders
  6. Asymmetrical Wrap
  7. Oversized Kerchief
  8. Even Rectangles
  9. Wear like an Infinity Scarf
  10. Wear with uneven tail


Wear the blanket scarf like a shawl

blanket scarf as shawl















We know the blanket scarf is mostly sized 100cm*200cm, in cold days you can just drop it like a shawl around your back neck,  letting it covers your shoulders and arms.

Belted it under a coat

wear blanket scarf under coat

In winter, we often wear a coat going outside. Now you can wear a blanket scarf belted under your coat. It will make your coat compatible with your scarf, showing a nice outlook of yourself.

Wear like a cardigan

You can also fold up your blanket scarf as a cardigan. Wrap your blanket scarf around your body like a cardigan, leaving space around your neck and arms, and secure it with a belt around your waist.

Wrapped and draped

Messy is a kind of beauty. Sometimes it is not necessary to wrap a scarf around your neck. It is also fashionable to tie a blanket scarf loosely around your neck. Let the scarf loosely around the neck, natural vertical, this is very nice.

Wear over your shoulders

wear blanket scarf over shoulders















The fifth way is to pull a blanket scarf over your shoulders and choose a blanket scarf that matches the color of your outfit to make an otherwise normal outfit stand out.

Asymmetrical Wrap

scarf as wrap

The asymmetrical approach is also very popular. Wrapping a scarf asymmetrically around your neck can bring you a sense of mystery, greatly improve your temperament, and make you look more gentle with your coat.

Oversized Kerchief

The blanket scarf is large enough compared with the ordinary scarf. So you can fold it in any shape you want, you can grab the two opposite corners of the scarf, cross them at the back of your neck, and wrap them around the front. Then tuck the tail under the triangle.

Even Rectangles

rectangles wear scarf

The easiest way to do this is to fold the blanket scarf in half so that the sides hang vertically in front of your body, just like in the Victorian style. It's easy, but pair it with bold prints or color patches to show off your personality.

Wear like an Infinity Scarf

You can also use it as an infinity scarf by wrapping it around your neck without leaving any corners. It is very warm to tie a blanket and scarf like this.

Wear with uneven tail

uneven tail blanket scarf wear

The size of a blanket scarf is so big that you can create an uneven tail in an exaggerated way. Fold your scarf in half the long way, wrapping one end around your neck. Then let the opposite end hang all the way down. Be sure to tuck in any loose ends so the long tail steals the spotlight.

Here we listed very common ways to wear a blanket scarf, there are also many other ways we can use. A blanket scarf is more flexiable than normal scarf due to its big size, so wearing it in a suitable way not only makes us fashionable but also makes us open-minded.

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