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How to Tie a Silk Scarf?

May 20, 2020 4 min read

Classic silk scarves are an investment item in your wardrobe which will never leave of favor. Pairing a silk scarf along with your outfit may be a genius thanks to adding a light-weight, simple chic to any look, and is that the perfect accessory for cool weather. Silk scarves are never a new trend, but they have made a comeback in recent years, and ladies of all ages are now combining them during a sort of classic and innovative ways. But like many accessories, it all depends on the design. Here are ten ways to tie a silk scarf. Choose one that you simply like which suits you.

1.Tie a v-shaped knot

Here's an excellent easy way to make all of your clothes instantly stylish, and to form an easy outfit look different. Simply fold a square scarf in half into a triangle and wrap it around your neck. The silk scarf ahead will hang down naturally. Tie the two ends of your scarf into a knot at the rear of your neck to create a V-shape. It's easy to try and do.

silk scarf-1

2.Knotted in front

As you'll see within the picture, it is easy to make a pleated look with a silk scarf, adding a female touch to casual clothing like jeans. Roll the headscarf loosely along the diagonal. Wrap it around your neck, with the two ends ahead and loosely tied to the side. You can choose the proper scarf that supported the color of your outfit. for instance, you'll choose a colorful printed scarf to match with a casual white shirt.

 silk scarf-2

3.Boy style necktie

This method borrows from the boys' square scarf technique, which looks great with a blazer or jacket. To create this look, roll the scarf sideways. Wear it around your neck, ensuring the front ends are an equivalent length. Tie a knot at rock bottom of the neck. If the headscarf is long, rock bottom will hang down. If the scarf is brief, a beautiful knot will appear.

 silk scarf-3

4.Bowknot scarf

Here's a nifty way to tie a shawl to a dressy outfit or to form an easy outfit look instantly more stylish. To make the silk scarf look surprisingly easy, simply roll it sideways, wrap it around your neck, and tie it during a bow at the front. This works not only with skirts and coats but also with casual t-shirts and jeans.

 silk scarf-4

5.Loose Front silk scarf

Here's a simple way to tie an enormous square scarf which will add instant sparkle to anything you wear. Start with a shawl that rolls sideways. Put it around your neck and tie it loosely, about half the length. If you're wearing a multicolored scarf, choose a shawl that matches the opposite colors on your outfit to match your overall look.

 silk scarf-5

6.Cool Girl Style

If you would like a cool girl style, you need a small square, fold your square scarf into a triangle, wrap it around your neck, and tie it to the front. A square scarf is often a black collection that matches your outfit in a cool way.

silk scarf-6

7.Elegant hanging style

For real ease and elegance, roll an out-sized square scarf diagonally and tie it around your neck in order that the ends hang down naturally. This is an excellent way to boast a very beautiful, elegant scarf pattern while keeping your overall look pretty casual. It is same as wear lightweighted spring scarves.

 silk scarf-7

8.The waist decoration

Silk scarves may be worn not only around the neck but even have many other decorative functions. A big square scarf makes a pleasant belt. Simply roll your scarf as wide as you would like, wrap it around your waist, and tuck the ends under. If you would like to form sure the scarf doesn't disintegrate during the day, you'll also add secret safety pins to secure the ends.

 silk scarf-8

9.Wrist silk scarf

Tying a colorful silk scarf on your wrist can not only add an accessory to your clothes but also increase your sense of mystery and fashion. If you want to tie a scarf on the wrist, first fold your scarf to the width you want, then wrap it around the wrist according to the length of the scarf, and finally tie a knot. You can let the hair tip hang down naturally, or you can tuck it inside, depending on the final style you want.

 silk scarf-9

10.Head-dress bound method

The style that whole bag type headdress fasteners a law to present to return out are restoring ancient ways, such fastening a law is extremely simple easy to learn. Place the scarf on top of your head, cover the highest of your head, and tie the ends at your chin. Whole bag type can decorate facial model, and silk scarf covered hair and neck, even be a sort of summer enjoys a way to suit visit go vacationing considerably.

silk scarf-10

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