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How to Wear a Shawl in 2023?

by Ying Tang June 22, 2022 5 min read

You may quickly add a new element to your wardrobe by learning how to wear a shawl. This fashionable item is not only comfy and warm, but it also has the ability to completely modify an outfit with no effort. There are a variety of unique ways to wear shawls, and your choice may simply be based on what looks best or what best serves your needs.

a woman with one piece of shawl

As a piece of clothing or an accessory, a shawl can be worn in a variety of ways. A shawl may be turned into a blouse or skirt, worn as a gorgeous finishing touch to an ensemble, or worn in place of a coat in cold weather.

Wear a Shawl as a Form of Clothes

Place the shawl's wrong side out and make a knot close to the top behind your neck to transform it into a shirt. Hold the remaining two ends around your waist and tie a second knot in the back. A shawl may easily be turned into a skirt. To make a triangle, fold the shawl in half, then bind the shawl's widest section around your waist with a knot. Over a bathing suit or leotard, this is an excellent cover-up appearance.

Wear a Shawl as an Accessory in Different Ways

The shawl is continuously being declared in or out by fashion publications. The shawl is a classic piece of clothing that never goes out of style. You can change your style without spending a fortune by wearing a shawl in the season’s hottest hue.

A shawl is similar to a scarf in that it may be worn both ways. Several techniques to knot a shawl like a scarf are shown below:

  • Fold the shawl like a scarf into a triangle. Tie the shawl loosely in front of your neck. Use a brooch to secure the shawl's loose ends and prevent it from unraveling.
  • Make a rectangle out of the shawl by folding it longways. Place the centre of the shawl at the front of your neck and let the ends dangle over each shoulder.
  • Tie the shawl the long way around your neck again, this time with the centre at the front. Wrap the shawl over your neck again and knot it in the front this time.
  • Tie the shawl around your neck and tuck the ends under a jacket or sweater to create a collar impression if the shawl isn't too lengthy or thick.
  • Folding the shawl in half the long way is a fashionable appearance, especially in Europe. Place the folded end of the shawl on one side and the loose end on the other as you wrap the scarf around your neck. Then tuck the loose ends into the front loop.
  •  Allow the ends to dangle freely.
  • Finally, take the four ends of the shawl and knot them all together for a very unique method to tie a shawl. Turn the scarf inside out and you've got yourself a fantastic new handbag.

Put on a Shawl Instead of a Coat

If you want to wear a shawl instead of a coat, simply throw it over your shoulders and hang it loosely. If you're worried about the shawl slipping off your shoulders, tie the ends behind your back.

Another way to wear the shawl is to drape it across your front and toss one end over your shoulder. This gives the outfit a relaxed, carefree vibe.

This is similar to wear a scarf, we have a blog about how to wear a scarf.

Shoulder Wrap for the Evening

Before going out for the night, drape a shawl lightly over the shoulders. It's a fantastic alternative to a cropped metallic jacket or even a conventional coat, and it can dramatically change any outfit.

Wrap across one shoulder

The one-shoulder wrap is a great option for evenings. Drape the shawl over your neck and dangle the ends over both shoulders. One end should be folded over the opposite shoulder and the other should be left hanging freely. This is a no-fuss, fast style. It's worth noting that it doesn't provide any support, so if you're worried it'll slip, connect a little pin to the shoulder region.

Wrapped with a whole shawl

A wide shawl may simply be put over any clothing as a beautiful little cover-up. Simply wrap it across your shoulders (arms down), draw it taut below the bust, and create a strong knot. Upper arms and shoulders should be totally covered. This sophisticated look is appropriate for both the office and weekends.

Summer Oblong Scarves in the Best Size

Large oblong scarves that may be used as coats in the summer are the nicest. I want mine to be between 38 and 53 inches broad, and 60 and 80 inches long, to give or take an inch or two.

Summer Oblong Scarves: What Fabric to Use

A linen-cotton mix or a rayon blend are the ideal oblong scarves for summer. Cashmere is one of my favorite fabrics, yet it can be too heavy at times for me. A long 100% silk scarf is not recommended for summer since it will soon discolor and deteriorate. A huge oblong scarf's only purpose is to get beaten up. It will undoubtedly get soiled with perspiration, food, and sunscreen before being stuffed into your bag. It's fine to use a small amount of silk, but silk that is 50 percent or more cannot withstand the stress. Cotton, rayon, and linen mixes, on the other hand, can take it and want more. When certain viscose, modal, and polyester blends are able to mimic a linen blend well, they can be a good option.

How to wear a shawl male?

Shawls are exclusively for women? No, men have the capability too! Men can wear a shawl as a scarf in a variety of ways.

Simply draping a scarf/shawl around one's neck is one of the best ways to wear it for men. For a more fashionable look, it can be paired with a jacket.

Men can wear a shawl or scarf as a muffler as well.

The Tie that Binds:

  • Take a shawl or a scare and drape it around your neck with the ends at the front.
  • One end of the rope should be longer than the other.
  • Make a knot at the shorter end of the longer end.

The Parisian Knot:

  • Make a widthwise fold in the scarf.
  • Fold it lengthwise at this point.
  • Wrap the scarf around your neck and tie it.
  • Now, take one of the loose ends and thread it through the hole created by folding the scarf.
  • Finish by tying the scarf a bit tighter.


Wearing a shawl is little different from wearing a scarf, but there is no correct or incorrect method to knot or wear a shawl. Make your own appearance by being imaginative.

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