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On this page, we listed 100% best cashmere scarves for womens, there are plaid cashmere scarves, plain cashmere scarves, lightweight cashmere scarves, oversized cashmere scarves.

Is a cashmere scarf worth it?

If you plan to buy one cashmere scarf for you or your lady, you need find one truested store. In my opinion, you need find one expensive scarf to make sure it is 100% cashmere scarf. Don't waste money on cheap scarves. Your lady will not happy if she wear it for some days. One really cashmere scarf will keep her warm in winter and feel happy any moment when you are in her mind. So it is worth to buy one cashmere scarf.

How to know if a cashmere scarf is real?

It is easy to know that. If you have a lighter in hand, just get a pinch of cashmere from your scarf, roall them into a small ball, light them with your lighter. The smell is same as burning human hair, and the ash will turn to powder. If it is not cashmere, there will be a different situation.

Below we listed our all cashmere scarves for women. For mens cashmere scarves, please visit here for more.