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How to Get Stains out of Cashmere?

by Ying Tang November 02, 2021 4 min read

Stains on cashmere clothing not only make our clothes look terrible, but also cause more damage in the coming days. When spring comes, we usually take off our cashmere sweaters and stock them in our closet. Now weneed to wash our cashmere and remove stains from it.

Because stains usually attract clothes moths which will eat our cashmere clothes soon. So it is important for us to remove stains from cashmere clothes.

cashmere sweater stains

Types of cashmere stains

When you are thinking of which way to remove stains, your decision will be decided by the type of stain on your cashmere clothing. Some solutions can be used for a variety of substances while others are only good for certain types of stains.


When we eat outside wearing our cashmere clothes, we may drop one piece of dish on our cashmere clothe due to carelessness, one stain will mark on our clothes.


Sometimes, when we drink a cup of coffee, wine or beer, or even some kind of fruits juice, the drink contains chocolate or sugar which can cause stains.


While talking about dye-based stains, weneed to know cashmere products cannot be washed mixed with other clothes. It is easy to cause colored stains on cashmere colothes.


Oil-based stains are difficult to remove. When we talk about oil-based stains, we may think of cooking oils, cosmetics products or automotive fluids. These products we use them in daily life.


Many natural and animal-based products are considered protein stains. This can include foods that do not fall under tannin or oil-based categories, such as eggs or dairy products. Body fluids, such as urine, blood or vomit are also in this category. Animal droppings would also be classified as a protein-based stain.


Due to the various ingredients in many prepared foods or manufactured products, a stain can be any combination of the above types. It makes the removal process more difficulty, and you may need to use more than one removal technique.

Examples of products that might leave a combination stain include ketchup, mayonnaise, candle wax, or shoe polish.

Ways to remove stains from cashmere clothes

There may be many kinds of ways for different types of stains, only one or two ways are safe for cashmere garments. Because cashmere is made of short strands of natural wool fibers, it is highly possible to damage when exposed to chemicals or rough treatment. Removing stains from cashmere requires a delicate handling process. Handwashing or bleaching a stain out is not a good option.

Cold water on cashmere

If you do not have one good way to remove stains from cashmere, do not worry and just stay calm. Put your cashmere garments in cold water, drop some baby shampoo and gently squeeze the water with your hands. It is same as washing a cashmere scarf.

You can not use hot water to remove stains, some stains caused by oil or food will stay stronger if you use hot water. It will even damage your cashmere shape.

Scoop solids off stained cashmere

Sometimes, we get stains on our cashmere garments caused by peanut butter or ketchup. You can scrape off the majority of substance with the back of a knife or credit card.

Nomatter which way you choose, you need take carefully in the process, avoiding press to hard on the fabric to scoop up the pill. Carry on with a cool water rinse finally.

Safe soaps or baby shampoo for cashmere

Baby shampoos are also one safe and approved stain removal product. We talked about it in cashmere scarf washing process. Drop some baby shampoo on the stained spot, wait for five to ten minutes and rinse it with cold and clean water.

Vinegar rinses for cashmere sweaters

While vinegar will not help us remove stains from substances, a cold water rinse with a quarter to three quarters cup of white vinegar can prevent body odors and the yellowing that happens under the arm areas of sweaters.

You may find any staining until you plan to wash your garment or bring it out of storage, so we suggest use vinegar for caring for your cashmere clothing.

Specialty products for cashmere

As with detergents, stain removers that are designed for safe use for cashmere are must-have items for any cashmere owners in their laundry rooms. The best ones use plant-based, non-toxic ingredients without any petroleum products or artificial colors.

Professional dry cleaner

While we can not get stains out of cashmere following the above methods, we need to ask help from professional dry cleaners. They can help you at the least risk of damaging your favorite cashmere garments.

Washing cashmere after the stain removal

After the removal process, you need wash your cashmere garments. Here I strongly recommend hand washing. It is more effective than just tossing it into the washing machine.

Remember that cashmere responds best to cool water, mild detergent and gentle squeezing to release excess water. Once washed, reshape the garment as it should be and allow it to dry flat.

If you have spot treated your stain and it looks like it is still there, don’t be sad. This is usually one protein based or oil based substance. Please do not repeat to remove it, just wear it as usual.

You can try to remove it next time before washing your cashmere. The stain will become smaller and smaller, even disappear.

 About Ying Tang

Miss Ying, cashmere products quality controller in Dr.Muxue, with 10 years of experience in cashmere material selecting and cashmere material purchasing, deeply knows the process of cashmere garment producing as well as how to take care of them.